Lessons (classes)

– mechanics, balance, follow-through, arm strengthening exercises, pitch location, and velocity training.

– a ground-up approach that builds a solid foundation via the 12 B’s of hitting, a process-driven development for successful hitting. A balanced approach to hitting for more power and average.

 – Foundational positioning of the entire body, soft hand development, proper throwing positioning after the catch

 – How to increase speed by learning the proper running technique, how to study pitchers to significantly increase your base stealing percentage. How to read fielders, hit balls and take extra bases

Mental Approach to all the abov
e – Learn what took years to figure out how to put yourself in the best frame of mind for success

 – receiving, blocking, throwing, and quick feet drills. How to set up hitters by proper pitch calling

 – Learn how to avoid injury with proper techniques of gripping and throwing the ball for velocity and accuracy.


$40 per half hour

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    Baseball Instruction Tampa, Registration
    Baseball Instruction Tampa, Registration
    Baseball Instruction Tampa, Registration