Little Wrigley Baseball Academy is committed to providing professional insights to parents, coaches, and players who our committed to teaching and learning the basics fundamentals of baseball. Our desire is to place athletes in the best position to succeed by demonstrating what took years for many professionals to learn. The game of baseball is all about the refinement of skills; repetition develops muscle memory so the basics become second nature. If an athlete is taught the correct way to swing a bat at an early age, he will be years ahead of his peers.

Dave Wrigley, author of the “12 B’s of Hitting,” is a former minor league baseball player who signed a professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985. Wrigley managed to breeze through youth and high school baseball, as well as through the college levels of on sheer athletic ability. However, having never been taught the correct way to swing a baseball bat, he struggled at the professional level. After being released by the Pirates organization, his life’s passion became studying what makes hitters successful. Dave has coached thousands of young athletes from the United States to the Dominican Republic. He has witnessed hitters make the same mistakes over and over again because they have never been taught the basic mechanics of swinging a baseball bat.

In this brochure Dave will introduce the “12 B’s of Hitting” which will enable parents, coaches, and athletes to have a checklist on the essentials for hitting. From sitting on the bench and studying the pitcher to bunting a baseball, the “12 B’s of Hitting” is an easy to understand approach to developing the proper mechanics of hitting. Providing simple illustrations for the purpose of visual aid, Dave has found that young athletes don’t always learn the same; some learn audibly while others learn visually. Each essential “B” in the “12 B’s of Hitting” provides both a written explanation and a visual aid allowing the athlete to receive the information most suitable for their retention.

We are confident that “The 12 B’s of Hitting” will change the performance of each athlete who commits himself to approaching the basics of hitting the correct way. Change can be difficult but the ultimate goal is to generate enough “correct repetitions” so that in the end, anything but the “correct way” will feel uncomfortable.

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