Dave Wrigley

Dave Wrigley, is a former minor league baseball player who signed a professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985. Wrigley managed to breeze through youth and high school baseball, as well as through the college levels of on sheer athletic ability. However, having never been taught the the proper mechanics of hitting, he struggled at the professional level. After being released by the Pirates organization, his life’s passion became studying what makes hitters successful.

Dave has coached thousands of young athletes from the United States to the Dominican Republic. He has witnessed hitters make the same mistakes over and over again because they have never been taught the basic mechanics hitting.


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All OVC 1984 & 1985
University of Akron MVP 1984 & 1985
University of Akron HOF
Pittsburgh Pirates 1985
Hit a grand slam home run in first professional at bat

Dylan Harris

Dylan Harris is one of the best hitters in the country. He holds a host of records within the Sunshine State Conference including the all-time hits leader. He was the Freshman of the year and received All American honors. He shined in his professional career with the Cincinnati Reds having hit .315 in his rookie season and made it to high A Daytona.
Dylan is known for making everyone around him better. A true leader and 3-time captain of his college teams.
Dylan does hitting and infield lessons here at Little Wrigley Baseball Academy.