Tampa Baseball Instruction. Individual and Group Baseball Lessons

Offering baseball instruction in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Baseball lessons include hitting, fielding and pitching. Little Wrigley Baseball Academy is a Christian academy committed to providing professional insights to parents, coaches, and players who are dedicated to teaching and learning the basics fundamentals of baseball. Our desire is to place athletes in the best position to succeed by demonstrating what took years for many professionals to learn. The game of baseball is all about the refinement of skills; repetition develops muscle memory so the basics become second nature. If an athlete is taught the correct way to play the game at an early age, he will be years ahead of his peers. Our facility includes an artificial turf infield, two hitting drill stations, lighted batting cage and two pitcher bullpen, both with artificial turf. It’s an excellent facility for private lessons and team practices. Book A Baseball Training Session by Calling 813-727-7511